We provide you tea with high quality

About Ceylon Tea


The island of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon provides the ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of high-quality tea. Tea is grown in seven major districts in the Island, in over 500,000 Hectares of land producing over 300 million kilograms annually.

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About CloudLotus


Founded in 2014,  CloudLotus Inc. is a proud Canadian Company located in Toronto Ontario. We supply a wide range of fine Ceylon teas and our mission is to provide quality without compromise to our consumers.

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Why CloudLotus

  • We preserve the natural values & freshness of our teas
  • Our teas are made out of high quality tea leaves
  • Our process is certified by global standards
  • Packed and preserved with natural values & freshness
  • Lastly, we serve you the best tea in the world that’s Ceylon Tea

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